RDA Adelaide

Our Vision

A vibrant, connected and prosperous metropolitan Adelaide and South Australia with world-leading social, economic and environmental living conditions for all of our communities.

Our Mission

To strengthen regional South Australia by fostering positive and productive relationships and engagement between the different levels of government, industry, academia and community.


The Adelaide metropolitan region encompasses 1,596 square km, or 0.16 per cent of the landmass of South Australia.
The region has a population of 1.324 m people and this represented 77.2 per cent of the South Australian population (ABS, 2016 Census).

Board Members & Management

Jan Turbill


Chris Sampson

Deputy Chairperson & Treasurer

Sam Crafter PSM

Board Member

Professor Ian Overton

Board Member

Hon Dan Van Holst Pellekaan

Board Member

Kelly-Anne Saffin

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Cooper

Board Member

Daniel Adams

Board Member

Michelle Christie

Board Member

Sam Mill

Board Member

Rolf Binder

Board Member

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