Strategic Priorities

RDA Adelaide’s top 5 strategic priorities have been driven by broad consultation across the South Australian RDA network, within the regular CEO meetings and at the Quarterly Chair and CEO Regional Development South Australia meetings.

The RDA Adelaide Chair & CEO have also presented at two of the 7 regional RDA Board meetings and have requests to continue these presentations across the network in the coming year. 

When setting the strategic priorities for RDA Adelaide it has also been a key consideration to ensure that they deliver to the new RDA Charter and the State Government’s Growth State Agenda and Regional Development Strategy.

The close working relationship that RDA Adelaide has with the seven regional RDA’s within the State is enabling strong collaboration across the entire network and a genuine will to develop shared platforms where relevant, identification of State priorities and development of cross regional initiatives and programs.

We are in a unique position to connect with the most appropriate Federal, State and local government agencies, community organisations, businesses and individuals to enable growth in Regional South Australia.

Awareness & Advocacy

1. Creating awareness and providing advocacy for regional South Australia


2. Facilitating collaboration across the regions


3. Facilitating connections for economic outcomes into regional South Australia


4. Co-ordinating the development and delivery of strategic regional plans and documents


5. Engaging with and supporting Commonwealth regional initiatives

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