Current Business Plan

Image: Joshua Primiero

Every RDA Board must develop an annual business plan that is approved by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development & Communications.

This plan should be a practical document that outlines the actions and deliverables that each RDA will undertake for that period, and be able to be shared with stakeholders so that all can work together to support their region.

The current business plan summary for RDA Adelaide in 2023/ 2024 focuses on:

Regional Development Australia Adelaide’s 5 strategic priorities for 2023/2024:

  1. Building great relationships through increasing awareness of Regional SA’s investment opportunities.
  2. Increasing visibility of the work of RDA’s by bringing together key initiatives and building branding and Public Relations activities.
  3. Driving Regional SA Investment & Economic Growth by co-ordination of an Investment Pipeline and assisting cross-regional investment.
  4. Assist in building robust data capture and internal systems across Regional South Australia RDAs to create efficiencies and maximise output.
  5. Providing support in the development of Strategic Priorities for the whole of Regional South Australia.

Regional Development Australia’s top 5 key business activities for 2023/2024:

  1. Delivery of a Regional Development South Australia conference on Regional Population Growth.
  2. Delivery and re-vamping a quarterly regional communique to key Ministers, Government Departments and Industry Associations to highlight key activities in Regional South Australia and across the RDA network.
  3. Assist in building robust data capture and internal systems across Regional South Australia primarily through consolidating and mapping the Investment Pipeline including necessary public and private infrastructure inputs.
  4. Delivery of the 2023 Regional Development South Australia Blueprint which highlights the key strategic priorities for each of the RDA regions, key projects and key economic statistics.
  5. Co-ordination of the 2023 Regional Development South Australia Infrastructure Prioritisation with input from all Regional Development South Australia RDA’s.


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